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Published: 2023-06-22


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     The journal "ELWAHAT" for Research and Studies, ISSN: 1112-7163 is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific journal with internationally renowned scholars and experts. The magazine "ELWAHAT" for Research and Studies published research work in all aspects of research. She publishes original research articles, research notes and commentaries in multiple fields. It is divided into five sections namely:

Section A- Applied Sciences;

Section B- Law and Political Science;

Section C- Economics, Business and Management Sciences;

Section D- Humanities and Social Sciences;

Section E- Letters and Languages;

    Manuscripts submitted for review may be theoretical, interpretative or experimental. The journal "ELWAHAT" for Research and Studies published research results in natural sciences and life and earth sciences, technical sciences, economics, management and commercial sciences, law and political sciences, humanities and social sciences. social, arts and culture, letters and languages.

Topics included in the publication area of the journal "ELWAHAT" for Research and Studies

Physics, Mathematics and computer science, Biology, biotechnology, Phytochemistry, toxicology, phytotherapy, ethnopharmacology, biochemistry, agro-food, botany, plant physiology, animal physiology, zoology, zootechnics, biomedical sciences, hydrogeology, hydraulics, genetics, marine sciences, aquaculture, nutrition and food, arts, telecommunication, literature, sociology, psychology, accounting, marketing, philosophy, history, and others ...

The articles published in the magazine "ELWAHAT" for Research and Studies are available online with free access and without publication fees for authors.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal "ELWAHAT" for Research and Studies must be written in Arabic, French or grammatically correct English and must be communicated online via the e-mail of the corresponding section.

The manuscripts sent to the magazine "ELWAHAT" for Research and Studies will be accepted only after the appreciation of two readers, anonymous for the authors. Authors must indicate the names and co-ordinates of two potential readers during the submission. The editor or associate editors may decide to refuse a manuscript at any time if it does not correspond to the editorial line.